Sunday, 17 July 2011


As much as I occasionally hanker after a home in the minimalist white concrete style, I know I couldn't really live in one... I like my 'stuff'... not that I have huge amounts of it, but the things I do have, I love. Creating little 'vignettes' is a great way to arrange your 'stuff' so that it looks interesting & more pleasing to the eye. I do it in my garden too [more on that in another post] and stylists use this technique all the time. My favourite thing about it though, is that things can be re-arranged and moved easily, giving a table top or corner of a room new interest, it stops me getting bored of looking at the same things all the time.

My current favourite vignette is this one:

l-r faux stone Easter Island head [a gift] a pair of Art Nouveau style glass vases [birthday present from my mum] ceramic tea-light holder [I painted this at a paint it yourself pottery place on a friends hen weekend] a photo of my parents on their wedding day, image of the Rolling Stones with Gram Parsons at Villa Nellcote [it's an invite to the private view at Atlas last year] cylindrical vase painted with some of my favourite lyrics [different pottery place, birthday outing for a friend] pebble shaped coasters [another gift from my mum, she has great taste!] e-bay frame with a postcard of x-rayed frogs from the British Library, Chinese padded box [freebie from work] all sitting on an old pine blanket box that used to be my toy box when I was little and now houses spare bedding for when guests stay over.

It's held together by similar colours and strong shapes, but has a variety of textures and finishes to make it visually interesting. It's the first thing I notice as I walk in to the living room & it makes me happy every time I see it, but I can't quite explain why.

I recently read a great little piece on displaying your treasures in Lonny magazine...  click here for a look.

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