Wednesday, 17 August 2011

bedroom antics - sleeping beauty

We spend up to a third of our lives asleep... or at least, in bed. So, your bed (and just as importantly, your mattress) should be a major investment. You'll be in it more often that your favourite clothing & on it more often than your sofa. The key (as with most things in life) is buy the best that you can afford. It will last longer, support you better & the pay off in terms of a good nights sleep is priceless. Beds can be very expensive, but an inexpensive slatted frame with a good mattress is a very reasonably priced option. You really can't beat Ikea on that front, plus their guarantees are excellent & you can have a 90 day trial with your new mattress, to check it really fits the bill.

The Engan bed is a good simple staple: 

Engan bed frame with slatted base from Ikea

It comes in dark wood & a light wood finish and at £79 you can a mid priced but very decent mattress & you can have a whole new bed for under £300... & with a 10 year guarantee, that works out at just 8 pence a night. If your accommodation comes with a bed already, consider replacing the mattress if it's old, or adding a mattress topper (Ikea & John Lewis both have an excellent range at different price points) for extra comfort.

Bedding is a good way to add colour or pattern to a room, especially if you can't or don't want to paint your walls. If you keep the rest of the room neutral, you could choose a couple of bed sets in different colours to change the look and feel of your room in an instant.

Roshini Duvet set from John Lewis

Dark Grey Shelby from Debhenams

Marrimekko Unikko in Red from Heals

My personal preference is for white Egyptian cotton, but that's a whole other post. If you do opt for white, or plain dye bedding, you can always accessorize with a throw or comforter for added warmth, colour & glamour. Heals have a great guide to bedding here.Don't forget that a good quality duvet, at a tog to suit you will also help to ensure a good nights sleep, Heals have another excellent guide here.

In the next bedroom post, I'll be looking at lighting.

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