Sunday, 21 August 2011

retail is detail - thrifty vase

There is a great little charity shop near where I work and I pop in about once a week to see what they have in the way of homewares. They sell new things as well as second hand & they always seem to have something of interest on the stand where they display ceramic and glassware. So this week, I popped in as usual and while admiring a rather fetching decanter, I saw this gorgeous vase.

I picked it up and held it for a while, it's shape was so perfect, the very slight duck egg blue of the lighter stripes barely noticeable. It had no stamp, no markings to indicate how old it was, where it was made or by whom. It was only £10. I loved it. 

I put it back. 

I walked around the stand looking at some other pieces and came back to it. I told myself I didn't need another vase. Nobody needs another vase. I thought about the other things I needed to buy that week and tried to talk myself out of it. 
I bought it of course. I have a little test you see... if I left it there, would I be wishing I'd bought it next week? Yes, I decided. The cashier wrapped it for me & I put it in my cotton tote, protective arm cradling it in the bag and walked back to work.

I figured I needed something lovely to put on our new bedroom shelves... I smile every time I see it... and it was for charity... 

P.S To make sure my vases & breakables don't get knocked over my either clumsy me or adventurous shelf climbing kitties, I secure everything with earthquake proof Museum Gel.

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