Sunday, 11 September 2011

bedroom antics - walls part two

Good afternoon all! Now we've been through some paint basics, time to get down to the fun part, choosing colours & painting the walls! I've been wading through photos of rooms on the internet to find some great inspiration for making your bedroom walls look amazing. 

The easiest thing to do is to paint one wall or alcove. If you're paiting a wall, the one behind your bed is a good choice, because it provides a focal point for the room. Remember that you're going to be waking up with this colour every morning, so pick something that you love & can look at every day. 

Very dark, or very pale colours work well, but be sure you can wake up to something like bright orange before you set about the whole wall with your roller. Brights in a bedroom may be better suited to an alcove, or accessories, a neon pink wall may not be so appealing when you wale up with a hangover or spend a few days in bed ill. That's not to day don't go for it if it's what you love though, it's your room, it should reflect your taste. This bright colour works well with the accessories could be easily painted out in a neutral colour when needed.

Image source: House to Home

Dark colours make a room feel cosy, and draw the walls in. Don't be afraid of using a dark colour in a small room though, when confined to one wall, it can emphasise the cosiness of the room. Even if you have a large room, painting all four walls in a dark colour can make the room feel claustrophobic, so stick to one wall for the main colour. Dark rooms work well with lots of luxurious soft furnishings and you could layer on lighter colours in the summer months.

Image source: House to Home

Lighter colours, depending on the shade, will make the room feel bigger & brighter, but can also make them feel empty if there's not much furniture in them. It's usually better to stick to slightly warmer pale shades in a bedroom, a cold, harsh shade isn't very inviting in the place where you sleep. 

You don't even have to paint he whole wall... the sceme below is a brilliant way to add interest to a plain painted wall and would work with any colour, although I do like the pale shade used here.

Image source: House to Home

And while we on the subject of not painting the whole wall, check out these great ideas for paint that does the job of a headboard. The hexagoal swatches below can be achieved using some low tack masking tape and a bit of measuring out. You could also make one hexagon out of card to help mark up the walls with pencil before applying the masking tape. I love this idea because the colours are interchangable, can be done using tester pots (very inexpensive!) and although quite bold & masculine, they work even with the floral bedding shown here.

image source: House to Home

If all that colour sends you crazy, or you want a cheap, chic, minimal look, white is always a great, fresh option. A pure brilliant white is both timeless and contemporary, it can be a little harsh however (not to mention cold in the wintery British light) So, unless you're going for perfect white minimalism (you're going to have to paint your skirting boards too if you want that sea of white) an off white or very very pale cream (please NOT magnolia!) may be a better option. Farrow & Ball's Wimbourne White, for example, is just off from a brilliant white and therefore not quite so harsh. White Light from Crown is slightly grey, but again, clean & crisp without being too brilliant.

I know this one isn't even paint (it's a decal, available from Room39) but it's just too good not to include. OK, you can't take it with you, but it is fun, super easy to apply and will update your room in minutes.
Image source: House to Home
It will work on plain or coloured walls and is a great focal point. In the next bedroom post I'll be showing more tips on how to accessorize if you have plain walls & don't want to paint.

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