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bedroom antics - white walls

So, what do you do if you rent and painting is not an option? Maybe you can't, or don't want to or maybe you know that you'll be renting your property for a fixed term and you don't think it's worth the effort. Whatever the reason, you can still make a stunning bedroom. Luckily most landlords stick to white or plain walls so if that's what you've got, this post is for you.

Plain walls might seem boring, but they have the most scope for accessorizing and of course, those accessories can all move with with you so any investment you make in linens or the odd piece of furniture isn't wasted. The trick with plain walls (if you're not going for all white minimalism) is to inject colour or drama through soft furnishings, bedding and clever tricks to introduce pattern & shape. The first example is fairly minimal, with no pattern or wall decoration:

Image source: House to Home

It's quite masculine & hotel-chic, the drama in the room comes from the headboard and the dark throw, off set by those crisp white sheets. If your bed has an existing headboard, consider making a slip for it in your chosen fabric, if sewing isn't your thing, you can always cheat & use Wonder Web. 

For a softer look, introduce some colour or a simple pattern:

Image source: House to Home

This room is slightly more feminine and the sheets would also look great in a toile print. These two room are essentially the same, but the differences in colour and furniture make a huge difference to the way the room looks and feels. A few vintage suitcases like the on pictured would make a great side table if stacked by the side of the bed.

Next up, a really girly room, but a grown up one. the colour in the accessories is so strong, a little goes a long way, too much more would be overkill. Note that the cushion is the same tone as the wall, but it's the fabric that adds the interest here. This would also work with a zesty yellow (very on trend against the greyish walls) a cherry red or a bright aqua.

Image source: House to Home

The next room doesn't have completely plain walls, but makes the most of having plain walls by using an over-sized art work with coordinating cushions in the same colour. The effect of this is like having feature wallpaper behind the bed. You could also use patterned fabric stretched over a wooden frame. If you don't have a headboard consider hanging the frame lower down the wall to give the illusion of one.

Image source: House to Home

Another great trick is to wallpaper a piece of plywood in your chosen pattern, place behind the bed on the floor and you don't even have to worry about fixing it to the wall. The next image show this technique placed on a desk, but could also work above a dressing table. It shows how effective this technique can be when used with a bold pattern.

Image source: House to Home

If neither colour or pattern are your thing, and you want to keep your scheme all white or cream, create some interest in the room by using texture. A chunky textured throw, some pin tuck bedding, textured cushions, or white rug (if you dare!) with a pattern woven in all help to elevate white from plain to stylish.

Image source: Apartment Therapy

The addition of the texture of the wood in the side table here is also a plus, and wood in all shades looks really stunning with white. I love the following images because the use of wood in these rooms is multifunctional. Not only is it adding interest to a plain room, the recycled doors are used as an inexpensive headboard which also creates a focal point. Try Gumtree, Freecycle or your local council run recycling centre for cheap or even free doors. A bit of paint stripper or some sanding will reveal the wood underneath.

Image source: Positively Beauty

As with the wallpapered panels, you don't even have to worry about attaching them to the wall. If you don't fancy stripping the doors all the way back, a light sand and a new coat of paint will work just as well. Try a high gloss finish in white or black for a lacquered look.

The really great thing about white rooms, is that of you stick to colour in your accessories, they are easily changeable if you want a different look at any point. 

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