Thursday, 8 September 2011

for the love of flowers - guest blog by Amy Yeomans

I love having flowers in my home. The white Orchid in my kitchen is a delight every time it blooms again & there's nothing like the scent of lilies in full bloom. Flowers add so much to a room. I was delighted when my good friend Amy Yeomans, who owns 'The Art Of The Flower' florists in Sydney kindly agreed to write a piece on using flowers in your home... to see some fantastic arrangements, head over her Facebook page...

Now, over to Amy!

There is something very special about flowers. They can bring a sense of peace, happiness and love. We are drawn to their colour, texture, form and fragrance and they can be a great presence in your home; a feature, something to gaze at other than the television.

Flowers can delight and surprise. Buying a bunch of Oriental Lillis with provide you with great enjoyment while you watch them open over time, to reveal not only an amazing colour and shape, but also a fragrance that fills your home with such ambiance.

White Lilies: image courtesy of Art Of The Flower

Careful though, cats and people can be allergic to the pollen, which can also be a hazard to your furniture and clothes as it stains. To prevent this, pick the pollen as soon as the stems are visible, when their texture is wet rather than dry. No Mess, no fuss!

Tulips also have a certain magic, are are very inexpensive when in season. Although they have no fragrance, their appearance changes dramatically from when they are tight and closed to when they are open. Emerging from green to their new colour and growing towards the light. They do tend to droop at night time, but if you find they are drooping during the day, the trick is to pierce the top of the stem with a pin, just underneath the head, all the way through.

Parrot Tulips: image courtesy of Art Of The Flower

Although flowers are most widely available when in season, most types of flowers can be bought all year round. Prices will fluctuate during the cooler months as the flowers are sourced from elsewhere.

If you want to style a bouquet, look for colour shades that compliment each other and try to pick two or three types of flower, preferably a line flower (one that takes your eye up and down the arrangement) a focal flower (something that your eye is drawn to immediately) and a transitional flower (one that leads your eye in a few directions) This will give your floral composition balance, contrast ans an overall harmonious look.

arrangements in the Art Of The Flower store

It's a nice idea to find suitable vases for your bunch at it will be it's home for the next few weeks. Try to be creative! Jars and quirky glassware go perfectly with short stemmed flowers and add character to the arrangement. Tall flowers deserve a presence, therefore large elegant vases will be necessary, not only for the sake of appearance, but to hold the weight og the flowers. It's critical to provide the flowers with fresh water, the rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't drink it, neither would they!

I hope this gives an insight into the world of flowers, why we love them and need them as part of our daily lives.


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