Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mike Moran ceramics

In my blog post about the delights of shopping in Brighton last week, I mentioned that I'd bought another gorgeous vase [yes, I realize it's becoming an addiction...] but really, it was so lovely and so perfect I couldn't resist.

As we wandered among the beach front arches, where amongst the twee & the tat you occasionally find treasure, we stumbled upon a tiny shop selling ceramics. Mike Moran sells other local artists work too, but much of the shop contains his work, fired in the tiny studio out back. A large cylindrical vase with a drawing of a squid caught my eye & I almost bought that, but the delicate little swallows on this vase won out in the end.

He also casts tiny bottles from vintage originals and has a box set of five micro vases in delicious pastels & brights, perfect for tiny sprigs of wild flowers or small single stems. From his website, the planters that you simply tie on to railings, fence posts or drain pipes are a genius idea for the space starved urban gardener & would be especially useful for the balcony gardeners out there.

Mike's a lovely guy and as he was wrapping up my vase we chatted about how he makes his pieces and about where to go in Brighton.  Even the hand printed bags are beautiful:

So if you're down that way I highly recommend a visit to him, I promise you won't be able to walk away without buying.

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