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As you'd probably expect, I'm a complete interiors and home magazine addict. The covers of my favourite magazines are the perfect mix of typography and style, iconic in themselves. I prefer the more contemporary end of the design spectrum, while I devour every word of Elle Decoration, the country style of Home & Gardens does little for me and House Beautiful is just too... magnolia, but that's just my taste.

As well as printed magazines, there are some really great (not to mention free) on-line magazines that are packed with great ideas, the bonus being that you can view back issues on-line too. It was the discovery of another of these today that's prompted me to write this post, and while many of these publications are purely aspirational for most (even those that do own their own homes) I find them a never ending source of inspiration for accessories, styling and clever ideas that can also be applied to rented homes. So, although as a renter you may not have bothered with them before, I highly recommend you look into these six titles in particular.

First up, the mag that started this post,  est magazine. I was taken with this Australian magazines clean layout and simple but sophisticated photography. I guess it also helped that the current issue is dedicated to my favourite monochrome styles.

Image source: est Magazine

Magazines from overseas can be a rich source of inspiration simply because they offer something completely different from what we're used to seeing in UK magazines. OK, so the shopping features are not as relevant and we have a totally different climate and therefore lifestyle, but the freshness of ideas is too important to ignore. InsideOut is another Australian magazine and it's print edition is fairly well stocked in the UK (in London at least) I've found some digital back issues here though.

Image source: Home Life

I've been reading US centric Lonny magazine for about a year, it's bi-monthly, a substantial read and I've found plenty of useful styling and trend tips. In particular, they always look at how fashion & catwalk trends filter into home wares. Sign up to their newsletter for notifications of new issues.

Image source: Lonny

Dwell is another US based magazine, it's available in print format over here (I've bought it from larger or specialist news agents) but you can also subscribe to a digital or iPad version. The current issue is a small spaces special, perfect inspiration for us space starved Brits.

Image source: Dwell

Closer to home, LivingEtc is my absolute favourite read, I set aside time to devour issues whole, in a quiet space and completely undisturbed. It's a monthly ritual I really look forward to. I find it's the perfect mix of contemporary design, often with a classic twist, and great shopping ideas for all budgets. It focuses not only on the interiors, but also the people who live there, and how they use and respond to their spaces. On line content for LivingEtc comes in the form of HouseToHome, whose inspirational images have been used many times on this blog to illustrate ideas. I use the online resource (which also has six other UK magazines contributing) on a regular basis, but there's nothing like reading a crisp new magazine with a cup of tea to hand. The new LivingEtc issue is due out next week.

Image source: HouseToHome

Last, but by no means least on my must-read list is the iconic Elle Decoration. It's more high end than LivingEtc in that it heavily features expensive designer furniture alongside some of the most desirable property on the planet. That said, it's always bang on trend, with ideas that are possible to translate to your own home. Their regular round ups of the international furniture fairs are always interesting and they showcase new designers and icons alike. Recently it also printed a great feature on the best of this seasons high street design, so even if you don't end up buying every issue, it's well worth checking out to see if anything relevant like that is featured.

Image source: Elle Decoration

Don't be put of by the seemingly unachievable feel of the magazine and the sometimes austere interiors. Novembers cover look for example, would translate well to a rented property as the styling is very achievable, and the feature on new metallics is a great starting point for accessorizing your own home. The December issue is out next week.

So, what to do with all these magazines? As an obsessive magazine reader I have quite a hoard & I can't bear to recycle all of them as I use them for reference material. My magazine rack is not cutting the mustard in terms of storage requirements, so I leave you with some great ideas to incorporate magazines into your home.

Image source: Door Sixteen

Upcycled fruit crates, perfect rough luxe and very achievable. I love the addition of a smart lamp on top and although we can't all be blessed with stripped wood floors and fantastic radiators, this idea would work in practically any room. Paint in a bright or pastel colour if black's not your thing and if the crates are in good enough condition, they could also be left unpainted. 

Image source: Hidden Art Shop

A chair decal and magazine stack for those design geeks who like a bit of wit in their lives. Once the decal is up it could also be used with books, which would make a fun feature in a kids room.

Image source: Citified blog

Lastly, an unadulterated pile by the bed for easy reading, a simple stack that could have a lamp on top. Perfect for Sunday morning lounging in bed, insomniacs and guest rooms, if you're lucky enough to have one.

Happy reading!

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