Sunday, 25 March 2012


This weeks post is a bit of an accident. I was all set to blog about something else, when a small, but perfectly formed enamel cup caught my eye in the V&A shop. I was so smitten with this tiny piece of utilitarian chic, I started looking for other enamel pieces and I thought I would share them with you.

First up, my original inspiration. The grey beaker is my favourite, but I also like them as a mixed set of four and at £5 each they won't break the bank. I think they would be perfect on a picnic, or for taking a drink out to the garden. Too good to hide away, use one as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, or a pen pot at your desk, a truly multifunctional item. 

Image source: VandAshop

Enamelware is great for it's durability, colour and I love it's quite industrial look. Even everyday items like a bucket are lifted to become so aesthetically pleasing, they can be left out to be admired instead of hidden away like their plastic counterparts. There's something quite retro about a good enameled piece, a traditional blue & white pie dish for example is still pretty much the same as one your grandmother (or even great grandmother) might have used, yet it's so timeless it would look great in a modern kitchen. New enamel pieces are easy to find and almost all the main high street outlets have something in their kitchen range. Vintage pieces are widely available on e-bay, or try a local car boot sale or antique market.

1. The Vintage Wall on-line store is a great concept, and among other vintage delights, they're selling these these unusual Russian industrial signs. This one translates as 'Only work on safe machines and devices' and costs £21 with free UK p&p.
2. This Pie Set from Falcon £44.99, comes as a nest of various sizes in a simple, but beautiful box. It's also available in a pillar box red finish at £54.99 and Falcon produce matching mugs and plates.
3. M&S' garlic pot is available in cream (shown) pink and pale green for a very reasonable £5, with other kitchen ware (like a utensil holder) available as well.
4. I love these numbered caddies (£30) from Graham & Green. Their uses are endless, store pasta, flour and other foodstuffs or washing powder, pet treats and gardening bits and bobs.
5. I've been hankering for some industrial lighting for ages and while the big vintage shades are gorgeous, they can be expensive. This contemporary shade however, is extremely affordable at £27 from MyHaus. Also available in light grey and classic green as well as a compact size.
6. I love this 'folklore' coffee pot by Nina Jerima from Mollie & Fred. It's only £14.99 and the contrast of utilitarian shape and cute pattern are the perfect mix. Mugs are also available at £5.99 and feature a sweet pair of owls.
7. Labour & Wait are one of my favourite stores, they specialize in beautiful but functional hardware and have a range of enamel items for the kitchen. Their soap dish (£12) would look equally good in the kitchen or bathroom.
8. At £4.79 this colander from Ikea is an absolute bargain and would also work as fruit bowl.
9. Franksy Kitchenware sell this set of three pots and a matching tray for just £7.99. Perfect for planting up herbs to grow on your kitchen window sill, or for storing things like cotton wool and other bathroom essentials.

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