Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year & Happy Home

I like January. It's full of good intentions and endless possibilities for the year ahead. It's also a great time to take stock and set some goals for the coming year. I've been a bit slack on the blogging front of late, too many other things going on, but I've resolved to remedy that this year and make the time to do the things I love, blogging included. I've also resolved to get our flat in order. Not that it's messy, far from it in fact, but as I plan to re-paint (after three years here it's looking a bit scuffed) I thought it would be a good time to tackle those niggling trouble spots and things that need fixing.

Just as I was wondering where to start, along came an e-mail from Apartment Therapy about their January Cure and if you don't already, I highly recommend subscribing to their general mailout. Basically the cure is a one month programme to help you get the most out of your home & get everything in order. 

Image source: Apartment Therapy

The first task of the month is to make a list of projects. I found this really useful and as a renter it's a great idea to look at your home as a whole and note the maintenance issues that are your landlords responsibility as well as any cosmetic changes you want to make for yourself. I made a list for each room and today I ticked off the first item by getting some help to fix a wonky shelf that I have been unable to use for a few months for fear of everything sliding off it. This is what the cure is all about, resolving to make small changes day by day that will add up to a big difference in your home.

Day twos task is the brilliant concept of the out box, to help you deal with clutter and getting rid of unwanted items, it allows you to remove the item from your room without actually getting rid of it straight away. If you don't miss it, you can let it go, if you change your mind, there's no harm done and you can just fish it out again. I also recommend reading the '9 Tips To Help You Identify Clutter' post if you find it hard to get rid of things. My out box is set up out of the way behind the living room door and already contains some things I've been meaning to get rid of for ages. A quick tip from me though, I was going to get rid of a candle holder that I though I didn't like, but as I moved things around it actually looks great in my bay window, so sometimes if something isn't working for you, it could just be in the wrong place. It's worth trying before you decide to get rid of something completely and it can always go in the out box later if you change your mind.

The first weekends task was straight forward and involved buying flowers and preparing to clean. It's a simple and easy way to get started on getting your home in order. The January Cure doesn't all happen in one month, don't worry, it's about making a start and giving you the tools to carry see your projects through to the end. One of their contributors is doing the cure and blogging about it as she goes along so there's plenty of inspiration and encouragement should you get stuck along the way.

If you want to catch up the list of January Cure posts so far can be found here. Sign up for the cure e-mail here to get daily tasks and additional tips via links. Let me know how you get on and if you have any success stories or before & after photos drop me a line!


  1. I signed up for the "Cure" after seeing it on you FB. I think the outbox is a great idea. Heals are natural hoarders so it's a difficult instinct to fight, but the idea that you can let a thing go in stages is really helpful.

    1. I'm so glad you're finding it useful! Keep me posted?
      The out box is one of those simple but genius things that makes you think 'now why didn't I think of that?' Mine is filling up nicely...