Thursday, 18 April 2013

weekend craft - patterned canvas

I've mentioned this before, but a great way to get some color and/or pattern on to your walls is to use fabric stretched over canvas. Easy to do and reasonably cheap it makes for a great weekend project. So, inspired by the latest fabric available from the V&A Shop, and continuing my crafty weekend,  I've given it a go using a bright abstract print that I thought would translate well to an art-like piece. Of course you can choose whatever colour or pattern you like! For £3.75 you can get a fat quarter which is the perfect size for covering a 40x40cm canvas frame. You can buy three of them for a mere £19.99 from Hobbycraft. I like the ones with the deep edges, I just think they are much more striking. If you fancy a larger piece of canvas, all the fabric can also be purchased for £11.50 by the metre. I think it's a great way to use these fantastic patterns from the V&A archive, even if, like me, you can't sew to save your life!

So here goes with step by step instructions! First up, you will need:

1 40 x 40 cm box canvas
1 piece of fabric (fat quarter)
Drawing pins

1. You'll need to iron your fabric to get the fold out. I ironed on the reverse, just to be on the safe side.

2. Next, on a flat surface like a table, place your fabric right side down and centre your canvas on it.

3. Pull the centre of each side of the fabric tight and push a drawing pin into the frame, but only about half way. The wood on the frames is quite soft so it's easy to push in. If you only push the pins halfway though, it makes it easy to adjust them later on if you need to.


4. Fold the corners round the edge of the frame like you're wrapping a present, pulling as tight as you can so the fold stays flat. Pin into place.

5. Finally, make sure the fabric is pulled tight all the way round and adjust by removing pins and re-pinning if needed, before hammering the pins home.

You can hang your finished canvas on it's own, or in a group. It's very light so these can be hung with brass picture hooks, or command hooks if you don't want to hammer into your walls.

If wall hanging isn't an option at all, your canvas will look just as lovely propped up on a dresser or shelf.

From start to finish the whole project should only take you about 40 minutes and for a total of just over £30 you can have some great patterns to adorn your rented home, no wallpapering required. Have a look at the whole range of fabric here and be inspired!

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