Wednesday, 17 July 2013

happy birthday NBTR!

Two years ago I woke up with an idea. Fed up with the lack of information and inspiration for British renters I started this blog. Don't get me wrong, US websites do a great job on the inspiration front but you can't always buy the products they feature over here and anyway, I'd always fancied myself as a writer (I used to produce a magazine for the kids on our street when I was 10 - hey, I was a dorky kid!) As much as I love my glossy mags (Living Etc & Elle Decoration) ripping out kitchens, building extensions and even wallpapering are mere pipe dreams for me and most renters. I started this blog mostly as a creative outlet for myself, to channel all the ideas I was having and hopefully to serve as inspiration for others should they happen to stop by.

Two years has flown past and an incredibly demanding day job (not to mention social life, running, and music photography on the side) means I haven't stuck to my plan of blogging once a week. Hell, there are times I only manage once a month! Recently I felt the need to re-think and re-group so I bought 'Blog Inc' by Joy Deangdeleert Cho available from Chronicle books.

Image source - ModCloth

After reading (and re-reading!) I feel I know what I need to do to take my blog in the direction I want it to go. So starting with this very post (see point 1) these are the changes I plan to make:

1. The thing I love about other peoples blogs is their 'voice' I like that their personality and tastes come through, it's why I visit. So, from now on I'm going to be a bit less formal in my approach.

2. I'm going to post more frequently and change the type of posts. I've realized that one very involved post a week sometimes isn't do-able and and anyway, sometimes I want to shout about one great product so (sometimes0 shorter but more frequent posts are the way forward. I also want to include posts about more general inspiration, fantastic places to visit and the odd exhibition review because I feel sometimes the inspiration I share is too literal.

3. I want to feature more original content, in terms of photographs, projects and styling tips. The first one is already in the pipeline and I'm so excited about it!

4. I want to be more interactive and I'd love to know what you think, is there a particular issue you are having? Is there something you would like to see featured or do you have a really cool rental I could showcase like I did with Jack & Lakisha's home? Generally I want to be more active and more pro-active so don't forget you can find me on Twitter too.

5. More Guest bloggers... do you have an area of expertise you can share like my friend Amy from Art Of The Flower in Sydney did? Something that's relevant to us renters? If so, get in touch!

6. Site design... Long term I want to change the look of the site and if I can ever get my head around Wordpress that's the direction I'll be going in, a project for the long cold winter months maybe?

I'm finishing on a favour... I know some of you are regular readers and some drop by less often, but if you could let me know what you think of the blog in general or have any issues you'd like to see addressed in future posts please let me know? Sometimes I feel like I'm blogging in the wilderness which is fine, because I do this for myself primarily, but it would be nice to say hello to a few of you if you feel so inclined! Lastly, thank you, to all of you who have stopped by over the last two years and for all your encouragement so far... Anni x

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  1. Hi Anni, all great ideas, especially posting more regularly - I like to have a variety of blogs I can check regularly and know I'll find something new, even if it's just a small update.

    I think the blog does have your "voice" anyway, but a more informal approach sounds fun too. Two things I think would be great to see: 1) more easy DIY projects like the canvas wall hanging and the cushion. I'm not even a renter but still find lots of interiors inspiration on NBTR as this sort of stuff is perfect for people too lazy to decorate as well as those contractually obliged not to and 2) perhaps a couple of posts that show your rock'n'roll edge? I don't expect to see leather wallpaper or anything but I'd be really interested as to how you express that part of your personality in your home without it looking out of place with the tasteful stuff.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Clare, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! You make some interesting points, it's good to know that you think I have a 'voice' already, maybe it's something it's hard to be aware of yourself? I had always hoped that the blog was accessible to people who own too so it's good to hear that you're inspired and I hadn't even considered that there are people who want a nice home but don't want to put in a huge ammount of effort (or who just aren't too hot at DIY!)

      You'll be happy to know that next month there will be another practical project and I'll see what I can do about showing my rock n roll edge... you've given me ideas, thank you! Anni x