Sunday, 1 February 2015

Urban Jungle - fauxliage

Is January the most depressing month of the year? This one certainly felt like it, it's grey and spring feels like such a long way off, my garden is looking a bit bare and I'm kicking myself for not planting any bulbs last year. Plants have the power to really lift a space, indoors or out and I'm a huge fan of having at least one (living) plant in every room, even if it's just a tiny succulent in the bathroom. But what if you're not green fingered, are away a lot or have a room without much natural light? Well, there's nothing wrong with faking it! Faux plants (fauxliage?) are going to be a big trend this year, and luckily, there's a huge range to choose from right now, whether you want some blowsy blooms, a single stem or a big green statement plant, there's something for you.

1. Hydrangea mix in vase (30cm) £35, Next
Classic, delicate and neutral, great for bed and side tables.
2. Artificial mini echeveria (15cm) £8 John Lewis
Small enough for desks and perfect for bathrooms.
3. Fabulous Faux Fan Palm (120cm) £45 Rockett St George
While it might seem a lot for a single stem you get a lot of leaf for your money! Pop it in a tall slim vase and stand on the floor, great for minimal schemes and if you don't like flowers but want to make a big impact.
4. Small fig tree (75cm) £75 Abigail Aherne
Although more expensive than others on the market, you just can't beat Abigail Aherne's plants and flowers for realism, so they're worth the outlay.
5. Faux cherry blossom branch (75cm) £14 Rockett St George
One in a vase is enough for a minimal display or group a few together to make more of a statement. Great against dark walls!
6. Floreo bamboo in ceramic pot (37cm) £40 Habitat
Bamboo never seems to go out of fashion and the shape of this one is spot on. Great value considering you get a nice minimal white pot too.
7. Green succulent plant (10cm) £2.99 each Dunelm
So reasonably priced you could buy one of each and line them up on a windowsill. Also good for desks and other tiny spaces.
8. Magnolia Contorts Stem (115) £16 Oka
A great mix of sculptural branch and classic blooms, a single stem will feel spring like, a bunch of them will feel like summer.
9. Fabulous Faux Succulent (40cm) £75 Rockett St George
Succulents are my one of favourite plants, although they are easy to keep, one did die on me this week, so they're not foolproof! This one is bigger than your average faux succulent and the concrete pot is a beautiful contrast.

The great thing about fauxliage (aside from that fact you can't kill it) is that it will never need re-potting, never get too big for your space and will always be in bloom. No one has to come over and water them when you're away and they are happy in whatever spot you put them in. Do remember to dust them though, because there are few things more depressing in a home that a dusty plant, faux or real.

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  1. I love the freshness of this post! Its med February but I feel so depressed(bad news from home) It's good to read post like that ! Make me feel spring is getting a little closer!ps. I am adding you to my read list as i do enjoy your posts!