Thursday, 28 May 2015

house proud

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted a photo of our bedroom with the hashtag #STHouseProud. At the time I didn't know that this wasn't just a Twitter thing, it was effectively a call to be featured in the Home section of the Sunday Times! All the photos I'd seen with the hashtag were of country cottages and rather swish flats, so me being me, I got on my high horse and tweeted that us renters are house proud too. Two days and a couple of emails later and an editor at the Times confirmed that our flat was going to be featured. Given that one of my ambitions is to have a house featured in a magazine, you can imagine I was rather excited. So, last Sunday, our humble little flat was in print, on line, and on Twitter!

I've posted bits of our flat on Instagram and Twitter before, but as I had to take a new set of photos for the Sunday Times I thought I'd do a proper post on our flat. So here's a little tour of our place...

Living room
Living room

Blanket box: antique bought by my parents
Coffee table: vintage Ercol from Atomic Antiques in Shoreditch
Copper tray: antique from East of England fair
Skull: antique from Snoopers Paradise in Brighton
White pot: Sia
Metal pot: Ikea
Back sake jug: V&A shop
Plate: hand-painted by me
Swallow printed vase: Mike Moran ceramics in Brighton
Cushions: Liberty sample sale
Floor lamp: Ikea
Metal stool: picked up from a bar closing down
Framed print: Bill Brandt from the V&A exhibition shop years ago
Rug: Dunelm
Sofa: DFS
Frames and ledges: Ikea
Prints: from 'I Like It What Is It?' by Anthony Burrill
Paint: unknown... 'Landlord Neutral?' ha ha
Living room

Flying ducks: Inspitalfields
Desk: Ikea (temporary, bought five years ago, still here)
Chair: old church chair, one of a pair given by friends
Drawers and metal box: Ikea
Eames House Bird: Vitra from John Lewis

Living room

Shelving: Ikea
Lamp: Ikea
Print: promotional print for Street Art by V&A Publishing
Candlesticks: made from antique ship nails, gift
Large vase: V&A shop
Camera: my dads old Rollei TLR
Scented candle in silver votive: Ralph Lauren Home
Small vase: hand painted by me


Stool: Ikea
Plant pot: Ikea
Frame: Ikea
Print: Pigasus, Berlin

Print: screen-printed poster we bought at a gig
Frame: Nielsen from Best4Frames
Soap, hand lotion and tray: Scottish Soap Company
Diffuser: The Sanctuary from Boots


Lampshade: Homebase
Storage jars: Ikea
Utensil jar: charity shop

Chair: old church chair (see previous)
Teatowel: Hema
Fruit bowl & platter: Villeroy & Boch
Table & benches: Ikea
Fabric (over canvas): Ikea

Light: BHS
Fabric (over canvas): Ikea
Right lamp: Ikea
Left lamp: Anglepoise
Bedside units: Conponibili by Kartel from John Lewis
Bedding: Cologne & Cotton
Throw: Ikea

Garden/side return

Garden/main area

Picnic bench & parasol: Homebase
Ciminea: Homebase
Butler sinks: eBay
Pots & plants: Homebase, The Gardening Club, Ikea and some plants from family, most of whom are green fingered
Floor plan, not quite to scale

Just 24 hours after being House Proud though, our flat looked like this as the builders came in to re-plaster in every single room. I always wanted a bit of exposed brick, but this isn't quite what I had in mind!

Living room - agh!

Kitchen/diner - double agh!

Once they'd re-plastered though, I decided that bare plaster is rather gorgeous, although I don't fancy my chances of convincing our landlord to leave it like this...

After almost two weeks of chaos, it's still dusty, every piece of furniture is still out of place but at least there are no holes in the walls or hanging wires. The builders have gone for now while the plaster dries and will be back to redecorate soon. I hope. For a neat freak like me this is torture. (I didn't tidy for the ST photos, it really does always look like that... apart from moving a few bits around to stye the living room... I realize I must be a nightmare to live with!) I want to clean and I want to put all the furniture back. I know it will be worth it and I know I've been bugging them to do this for over a year, but I can't wait to be house proud again...

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